Architects, Builders, Developers, Land Planners, the RainXchange™ System is an ideal solution for your next green building project. Most residential and commercial developments require some degree of an effective stormwater management strategy. This creates an amazing opportunity to not only store excess water, but to cherish its presence by understanding it and turning it into an asset of the design, as opposed to an afterthought. The water feature then becomes a destination point for a family or an outdoor classroom for children.


Project Design Goal:
Capture and reuse the rainwater that falls on a 2,500 sq.ft. patio for irrigation.

Sustainable green building design
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Project Design Solution: A 3,000 gallon RainXchange™ System was used in combination with a permeable paver patio. A fountain stone was incorporated into the design for filtration while adding a decorative element to the landscape design. A ½ HP booster pump provides water from the storage chamber to the sites irrigation system.




LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Points – Using the RainXchange™ System with the AquaBlox® D-Raintanks® in a project design can earn as many as 12 LEED credits for your project. Contact us for more information on using the AquaBlox® D-Raintanks® in your next LEED® project.

  • Sustainable Sites - up to 4 Credits
  • Water Efficiency – up to 4 Credits
  • Materials and Resources – up to 3 Credits
  • Innovation & Design Process – up to 1 Credit

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