• First Stage in Properly Filtering Rainwater -
    The downspout filter is installed at the base of the downspout ready to capture and remove a variety of pollutants that may be flushed into the system during a rain event. Incoming rainwater is passed through a series of mechanical filters that remove leaves, twigs, seeds, and small sediment that accumulate on the surface of the roof between rain events.
  • Out of Sight – Traditional rainwater roof filters look like a science experiment off the side of a home. Aquascape’s Downspout Filter is buried out of sight at the base of the downspout.
  • Utilize our RainXchange™ Calculator to determine how many Downspout Filters your project will require.
Downspout Instructions

Downspout Installation Video

Downspout Filter

Large surface able to handle up to a 1,500 sq.ft. roof and more than 50 gallons per minute flow rate.

Downspout Filter

Catalog Code Product Description
30166 Downspout Filter
30095 Replacement Debris Net for Downspout Filter

Government Assistance

Do you qualify for government assistance? More and more government municipalities and agencies are requiring residential on-site storm water management; some even offer rebates and tax incentives. Let us help you determine if the RainXchange™ System is a solution to these regulations and programs.

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