Manufactured using recycled materials, the AquaBlox® D-Raintanks® Tank Storage Module is a lightweight structural catchment system developed through years of research and development.


  • High Capacity – 95% void space maximizes water storage.
  • Modular – Easily create any shape and size reservoir to meet the project’s requirements.
  • Use Valuable Space – The storage tanks are installed underground preserving the look of your home & garden.
  • Strong Structural Design – Designed for car loadings up to 38 psi
  • Easy to Transport – The storage tanks are efficiently shipped as unassembled panels thereby reducing shipping cost.
  • Lightweight and Quick to Install – No need for cranes or heavy lifting equipment! Assembled and installed by hand.
Aquablox™ Instructions

Aquablox™ Installation Video
Aquablox Rainwater Storage Tank
Product # D-Raintank Size
D-Raintank Dimensions # of Parts / Dimensions Volume Weight Load Bearing Weight
Large 26.5”L x 16”W x 17.5”H 4x (26.5” x 16”),
4x (14.5” x 16”)
32 Gallon 15.4 lbs. 38 psi (Installed)
Aquablox rainwater cistern & water catchment systems

Surface Area
95% void
Material 85% recycled Polypropylene + 15% propriety selected materials
Biological & Chemical Resistance Unaffected by molds, algae, soil-bourne chemicals, and bacteria
Service Temperature -21.2°F to 131°F (-6°C to 55°C)
Rainwater storage tank
Ultimate Load /
Unconfined Crush Testing:
Crush Load
34 psi 24 t/m2
Displacement 0.433” 11 mm
46.4-57.2°F 8-14°C

Side Load:
Crush Load
3.58 psi 2.5 t/m2
Displacement 0.394” 10 mm
62.6°F (± 37.4) 17°C (± 3)

Government Assistance

Do you qualify for government assistance? More and more government municipalities and agencies are requiring residential on-site storm water management; some even offer rebates and tax incentives. Let us help you determine if the RainXchange™ System is a solution to these regulations and programs.

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