Aquascape’s ecosystem approach to water gardening is based on recreating a naturally functioning ecosystem. Water circulation, filtration, fish, plants, rocks and gravel all used to ensure a balanced system and long term sustainability.

Aquascape is committed to further expand its environmental position by developing innovative new products with a focus on the environment and the long term sustainability of the world’s most precious resource, water.

The RainXchange™ System offers companies, as well as consumers the opportunity to do their part to address some of the challenges associated with drought and the increasing problem of excessive rainwater run-off.

To learn more about Aquascape as a company and our initiatives please log onto our website at

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Government Assistance

Do you qualify for government assistance? More and more government municipalities and agencies are requiring residential on-site storm water management; some even offer rebates and tax incentives. Let us help you determine if the RainXchange™ System is a solution to these regulations and programs.