Aquascape’s RainXchange™ calculator will walk you through the project requirements and let you know what the application requires.

  • Tells you what size RainXchange™ System the project will require
  • Calculates how much water is generated during a rain storm
  • Includes 30-year average rainfall data for your region
  • Demonstrates numerous scenarios:
  • The effect of adding or removing downspout filters
  • Water requirements based on different irrigation square footage
Technical Support and General Questions

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Calculate how much water can be captured per downspout (roof yield in gallons).

Enter in the length and width of the roof-line that drains down the selected downspout. Additional downspouts, if needed based on the projects water demand requirements, can be added by clicking "Add Downspout" found below. If you are capturing water from a surface other than a roof simply enter in the length and width of surface to find out how much water can be captured.
Select from the category below that best describes the type of plantings to be irrigated.

- The extremely high water use category is best described as plants such as turf, exotics or annuals.

- The extremely low water use is best described as native perennials, shrubs and trees that are considered drought tolerant.

Additional planting zones can be added by clicking the "Add Another Plant Zone" found below.
Enter in the square footage of irrigation area for each plant zone. Enter in any additional water required in gallons per month.

For example, if the captured water will be used for washing your car you will want to add an additional 50-100 gallons for each car washing per month.
Need Help finding your region?

View NOAA's U.S. Climate Division Map at